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The Record of Call or Appointment (formerly PR450) can now found on your Community of Faith ChurchHub page. Look for the handshake tile in “My Community of Faith."

Capital Assistance

Financial Assistance

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Grant Applications

Pastoral Relations


Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)

  • PAR Authorization Form (62.57 KB) Pre-Authorized Remittance agreement for new donors and changes to existing banking information.
  • PAR Loan Authorization Form (75.33 KB) A form to set up automatic debit repayments for a capital assistance loan.
  • PAR Cancellation Notice (70.93 KB) Form for treasurers to fill in and keep when a donor wants to cancel PAR. This ensures written agreement between the local church and donors.
  • PAR Changes/Information Sheet (25.12 KB) A form for congregations to make changes or additions to their PAR contributions.
  • PAR Confirmation Letter (18.54 KB) For treasurers to confirm new PAR registrations or new banking changes with donors. This form is for local churches to keep, ensuring written agreement between the local church and donors.
  • Our Congregation's PAR Program (195.75 KB) Brochure describing the United Church's pre-authorized remittance program.