Donate to Mission and Service

Donate to Mission and Service

Our gifts for Mission & Service bring healing, justice, and hope to life.

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The United Church of Canada supports Mission & Service programs and ministries through meaningful generous gifts.

Your contribution will help support ministries and programs in Canada and around the world, such as:

  • Global and Canadian justice initiatives
  • Aboriginal ministries and right relations
  • Community ministries
  • Theological education
  • Faith formation – youth, camping, intercultural engagement
  • Support to remote ministries
  • Innovation in communities of Faith

All this and so much more—through your generous gifts for Mission & Service.

If you prefer to donate by mail or phone, please click here.

Photo of school girls holding up supplies purchased through donations

Welcome Home

Gifts for Mission & Service enable us to respond to refugees—sponsorship, aid to camps, advocacy—in hope of a safe home for all.