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NOTE: As the church goes through transition, some of these documents may be outdated. We are working to revise them as soon as we can. If you have any concerns, please e-mail

The Manual and Related Resources



Congregational Life and Committees

Candidacy Pathway


  • Financial Handbook for Congregations 2017 (1.75 MB) This handbook includes resources and information for church leaders and treasurers on a variety of current financial and legal issues. Note: Chapter 4: Paying Staff has been revised separately for 2019--see the Pastoral Charge Payroll page for the revised chapter. In July 2017 section 4.22.1 was revised to include acquiring spiritual direction in CELR. In Jan. 2018 the first bullet in section 6.7.1 was revised to say a minimum of two years.
  • Financial Resources Handbook: Abbreviated Edition 2019 (407.67 KB) This handbook summarizes the various financial programs of The United Church of Canada.

Health & Safety

Ministry Personnel: Standards of Conduct

Pastoral Relations: Call & Appointment

Property & Buildings

  • Accessibility Guidelines (39.01 KB) Guidelines to consider when planning a new church building or renovating an existing one.

Social Justice & Global Partners

Staff & Volunteers