Pastoral relations policies govern search, selection, calls, and appointments between ministers and United Church communities of faith.

If the 43rd General Council (July 21–27, 2018) enacts the remits that pastoral charges and presbyteries have passed, there will be some changes to our pastoral relations system. To learn more:

  • Watch the video above, Transitioning to Our New Pastoral Relations System: An Update (a panel discussion that was broadcast on YouTube Live on April 30, 2018).
  • A second YouTube Live broadcast at the end of September 2018 will address how to transition to the anticipated new system. To participate live, sign up after September 1 at United in Learning.
  • Read the Pastoral Relations Transition FAQs: June 2018, available under Downloads, below.
  • To see the pastoral relations policy proposal that is going to the 43rd General Council in July 2018, read GCE 11 New Pastoral Relations Covenant Policy in the Digital Workbook.
  • Additional updates related to the pastoral relations transition will be posted here over the summer.
  • To stay up to date on Remit Implementation in general, visit the Remit Implementation page and sign up for the Remit Implementation Newsletter.

Theological Grounding

In the church,
some are called to specific ministries of leadership,
both lay and ordered;
some witness to the good news;
some uphold the art of worship;
some comfort the grieving and guide the wandering;
some build up the community of wisdom;
some stand with the oppressed and work for justice. (A Song of Faith)

A community of faith, like any community, changes.
When a minister comes into a community of faith
a covenant is made; a promise to walk together as God’s people,
deepening our commitment to Jesus Christ
and growing closer to God.
God’s covenant with us never changes,
but our covenants with one another do change.
(Book of Worship, United Church of Christ, adapted; Celebrate God’s Presence: A Book of Services, p. 696)

To embody God’s love in the world,
the work of the church requires the ministry and discipleship
of all believers. (A Song of Faith)

Implementation Timeline

  • July 21–27, 2018
    43rd General Council: Remits and pastoral relations proposals are considered
  • Late September 2018
  • Second YouTube live event: Transitioning to Our New Pastoral Relations System; sign up after September 1 at United in Learning
  • Fall 2018
    DRAFT version of three pastoral relations resources—Pastoral Relations: Supporting the Pastoral Relationship; Pastoral Relations: Community of Faith; and Pastoral Relations: Ministry Personnel—available online
  • November 2018
    First trials of Church Hub (watch for your e-mail invitation)
  • November–December 2018
    Profiles of ministry personnel and communities of faith are moved onto Church Hub
  • January 1, 2019
    New regional councils are in place; The Manual, 2019, available online
  • January 2019
    FINAL pastoral relations resources available

Guidelines and Policies

The Denominational Council provides pastoral relations policy to ensure that all ministry personnel who are called or appointed to serve within the United Church are compensated at or above a set salary, and to ensure that communities of faith have all of the information they need be a fair and just employers in the pastoral relationships they have entered.

For current policies, see the Ministry Vitality page or the Handbooks and Guidelines page.

For more information please contact:

Wendy CranstonProgram Coordinator Ministry Personnel Administration416-231-7680 ext. 3113
1-800-268-3781 ext. 3113
wcranston [at]
Remits1-800-268-3781remits [at]