Indigenous leadership is vital to the life of the United Church, and this is a crucial time of journeying together toward reconciliation.

Worship Ideas
File A Narrow, Rough Path to Reconciliation | 2019 Indigenous Day of Prayer
A worship service for the Indigenous Day of Prayer created to honour the meaning of National Indigenous Peoples Day and intended for use by non-Indigenous communities of faith. Written by SunDo Hyun and Hoeun Lee.
PDF icon Aboriginal Sunday: Celebration and Thanksgiving
With gratitude we gather to praise God, to seek transformation, and to celebrate the power of the Spirit who is always moving.
PDF icon Active Litany: Circle of Light
An active worship activity using candles, responsive reading, and movement, for Indigenous Day of Prayer.
PDF icon Apology 30th Anniversary: Litany
This litany and story are based on the memories of The Very Rev. Stanley McKay and others who took part in the earliest national Aboriginal ministries consultations in the 1980s.
PDF icon Apology 30th Anniversary: Worship Service
In this year of the 30th anniversary of the apology, as the United Church turns 91, you are invited to consider how the apology has led to renewed life in the United Church.
File Lenten Lament: Seeking Right Relations
For the 150th year of Confederation, an invitation to acknowledge the damage done to the First Peoples of this land and seek reconciliation in worship and through next steps. From Gathering, Lent/Easter 2017.
PDF icon Living on the Path of Respect
A worship service on the repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery.
File Nîpin, Summer Is Here | 2019 Indigenous Day of Prayer
A worship service for the Indigenous Day of Prayer that celebrates the summer as a time when we give thanks to our Mother Earth for her gifts of the season and for the precious and sacred gifts of the land. Written by Murray Pruden.
File Prairie Horizons Intercultural Worship
An outline for worship in an intercultural context.
File Reconciliation in the Watershed: A Creation Time Resource
Weekly reflections on the themes of "All My Relations" and "watershed discipleship."...
File Sacrament of Communion for Seeking Right Relations
In response to the suffering inflicted upon children and families by the Indian residential school system. From Gathering, Lent/Easter 2017.
File Sermon: The Gift in Apology
This sermon marks the 20th anniversary of The United Church of Canada's 1986 Apology to First Nations Peoples...
File The Pursuit of Right Relations
A worship service outline marking the 20 years since the United Church gave its apology to First Nations peoples.
PDF icon Truth and Reconciliation: Three Services
Created to mark the TRC closing, worship on the themes of Turning and Lamentation, Seeking the Spirit, and Celebration and Thanksgiving.
PDF icon We Raise Our Thanksgiving
An Indigenous Thanksgiving Communion Service
File Who Are We? Resources for Canadian Multiculturalism Day
Worship resources to celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day. ...
File Worship for 150 Years since the Confederation of Canada, 1867-2017
This is a service of celebration and lament marking 150 years since the Confederation of Canada.
File After the Apology of June 11, 2008: A Prayer
A prayer to mark Canada’s apology to survivors of residential schools and their families and communities.
PDF icon Braiding Reconciliation: Prayer Ritual and Background
A prayer ritual to mark the anniversary of the United Church's 1998 Residential Schools Apology...
File For the Beauty of Those Lost, for Healing Founded on Justice
A prayer for missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirited people, their families, and the public inquiry into what happened to them.

An Advent prayer written for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

A prayer from The Dancing Sun for Aboriginal Sunday.

A prayer for the launch of the memorial register honouring children who died at residential schools (TRC Call to Action 72) on September 30, 2019.

File Prayer for Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
A prayer for missing and murdered Aboriginal women, and their family and friends.

A prayer for a peaceful resolution to the confrontation on the Wet’suwet’en First Nation in British Columbia by Moderator Richard Bott.

PDF icon Prayers of the People for Reconciliation
A reflection on the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in Canada
File We Dare to Hope
A prayer for committing to the genuine inclusion of Indigenous peoples in decision making on all matters that affect them

A prayer for Indigenous Day of Prayer

Minute for Mission
Our gifts for Mission & Service support the work of The Healing Fund.
Our gifts for Mission & Service support the work of relationship building with Indigenous brothers and sisters.
Related Material
Our gifts for Mission & Service support healing and reconciliation.
PDF icon Acknowledging the Territory in Worship
A brief guide to help congregations and bodies of the church incorporate an Acknowledgement of Territory into their gatherings.
Our gifts for Mission & Service support ecumenical partners like KAIROS.
PDF icon Apology 30th Anniversary: Hymn
"This Path We Walk" by Rev. S. Curtis Tufts, sung to the tune "O WALY WALY"...
PDF icon Bulletin Insert: A Time of Celebration for Aboriginal Sunday
You can download and print this insert to distribute with your bulletin on Aboriginal Sunday.
PDF icon Have a Heart Day 2020: Sunday School Activity
An activity to do with the children in your community of faith between January 26 and February 9 to mark a different kind of Valentine’s Day: Have a Heart Day.
With support from Mission & Service, Alderville First Nation is a thriving, Spirit-filled community that is rich in heritage and Native culture.
File Moving Forward, Together
A video marking the 30th anniversary of the United Church Apology to First Nations Peoples. A conversation with Alberta Billy, the Very. Rev Bob Smith, Pam Hart, and Lawrence Sankey about how the Apology came to be, and what is needed to make it real.
File Reconciliation Journey to Australia video
March 2018 delegation of First Nations and non-Indigenous people from The United Church of Canada in Australia as part of the Canada-Australia Reconciliation Dialogue between our church and the Uniting Church in Australia.
Our gifts for Mission & Service support Indigenous ministries in downtown Toronto.
Worship Blog
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September 5, 2019

Indigenous Day of Prayer reminds us that if we are to heal broken relationships, we must talk with one another. Let us begin today and never stop.

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September 5, 2019

I took these pictures last August while visiting my mother’s relatives in the central part of Saskatchewan on the Muskoday First Nation. They capture some of the 825 dancers that participated in the 25th annual traditional Powwow.

I was sitting beside my aunt, my mother’s youngest sister...

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September 5, 2019

In 1971, the observance of June 21 as a National Indian Day of Prayer was formally recognized by The United Church of Canada, at the 24th General Council. In 1982 the National Indian Brotherhood (now the Assembly of First Nations) called for the creation of a National Aboriginal Solidary Day....