International Women's Day

March 8, 2019

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 8. Consider taking action to end gender-based violence.

Worship Ideas
File Oaks of Righteousness
A worship service for International Women's Day...
PDF icon She Flies On: Lydia Gruchy Service
A liturgy inspired by Lydia Gruchy, celebrating women in ministry, from Gathering Pentecost 2, 2016.
File Women Against Violence Sunday | The Methodist Church in Britain
Prayers and worship resources on the theme of ending violence against women
File Women's Week 2018 | United Church of Christ
Worship resources from the United Church of Christ. 2018 theme: #MeToo, says Mary Magdalene
File For the Beauty of Those Lost, for Healing Founded on Justice
A prayer for missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirited people, their families, and the public inquiry into what happened to them.
PDF icon Prayer for the Democratic Republic of Congo
A prayer for the Democratic Republic of Congo
File Prayer for Thursdays in Black
A prayer to end gender-based violence.

A prayer for International Women's Day by Betty Radford Turcott, former National UCW President.

Minute for Mission
Our gifts for Mission & Service support candidates as they prepare for ministry.
File Bible Study: Inspiration from an Old Testament Prophet | WICC
A Bible study from the Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada ...
PDF icon Bulletin Insert: International Women's Day
Stand in Solidarity: Stop Violence against Women
Image icon International Women's Day slide
Stand in Solidarity: Stop Violence against Women
File Make Violence Against Women History Prayer Calendar (Sojourners)
A Sojourners prayer calendar with facts and prayer requests to help end violence against women.
Worship Blog
What does the flood of “Me toos” on social media, representing the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault experienced by women, mean for us as a church?