Latest Prayers

Last updated: 
December 8, 2017

An Advent prayer.

Last updated: 
December 5, 2017

An Advent prayer written for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

Last updated: 
December 1, 2017

An Advent  prayer originally written for Behold!: An Intercultural Gathering,

Last updated: 
November 29, 2017

O God, may we be able to joyfully share our gifts with many, with the vision of a better tomorrow.

Last updated: 
November 22, 2017

A call to worship for Remembrance Day.

Last updated: 
November 16, 2017

A prayer for Remembrance Sunday. 

Last updated: 
October 18, 2017

A prayer offered in response to unfolding events in Somalia. 

Last updated: 
October 6, 2017

A prayer of thanksgiving from Celebrate God's Presence.

Last updated: 
September 11, 2017

A prayer for missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirited people, their families, and the public inquiry into what happened to them.

Last updated: 
September 20, 2017

A prayer for all those who are being affected by extreme weather events.

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