Are you seeking meaningful work? Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? Do you have gifts for leadership? What about a desire for spiritual contemplation, higher education, and social justice initiatives? A career in ministry may be right for you!

Called by God

We are all called by God to live faithfully and engage in the work of Christ. Some are called to leadership roles within the church, paid and voluntary, ordered and lay. All of these calls are valued by God and the church. You may find inspiration in two playlists on our YouTube channel:

Or review What We Believe for an overview of the beliefs of the United Church.

Prayer for the Journey

God of the Way,
                you are the road we travel,
                and the sign we follow;
                you are bread for the journey,
                and the wine of arrival.

Guide us as we follow in your way,
                holding on to each other,
                reaching out to your beloved world.

And when we stray,
                seek us out and find us,
                set our feet on the path again,
                and lead us safely home.

In the name of Jesus, our Companion, we pray. Amen.

—Janet Cawley, 1996 (Voices United 648), used with permission

Called by the Church

In the church, some are called to specific ministries of leadership, both lay and ordered; some witness to the good news; some uphold the art of worship; some comfort the grieving and guide the wandering; some build up the community of wisdom; some stand with the oppressed and work for justice.
A Song of Faith

God calls some people to exercise specific gifts of leadership, both paid and voluntary. Learn more about the United Church’s understanding of leadership in the Statement on Ministry (2012), available under Downloads, below.

If you are contemplating ministry, you may wish to learn more about United Church faith statements, types of ordered and lay leadership, the processes for becoming an ordered minister, and the compensation and benefits offered to United Church ministry personnel and staff.

Discerning Your Call

Here are some helpful resources for listening and responding to a call.