Technology Support Grants for pastoral charges are available to assist small membership pastoral charges and community ministries that have a modest financial base and very limited access to other funding to purchase technology.

In addition to these grants, the United Church has several partnerships for technology discounts through various providers. See for details.


  1. The maximum grant amount per calendar year is $1,500.
  2. Pastoral charges with income up to $150,000 and unrestricted reserves of less than $37,500 are eligible to apply for a Technology Support Grant.
  3. Eligible community ministries are those that receive Mission Support Grants and receive
    • United Church support (i) where the United Church provides the major portion (75% or more) of the total budget of a particular ministry, and (ii) where the United Church shares in responsibility for its operation
    • Shared support (i) where the United Church provides part (20–75%) of the total budget of the particular ministry, and (ii) where the United Church shares in responsibility for its operation

      Community ministries that receive contributory support from the United Church (less than 20%) in relation to their total budget, and where the United Church is not normally involved in the operation are not eligible to apply for Technology Support Grants.

      Technology Support Grants may not be used for basic office furniture and hardware such as telephones, file cabinets, or desks, and may not be used to pay for telephone or Internet service.
  4. The “technology” may be purchased no more than three months before presbytery approval. Technology Support Grants are matching grants, which reimburse one-half of the amount shown on your invoice, up to a maximum of $1,500.
  5. Applications for these matching grants must be approved by presbytery and Conference and then submitted to the Financial Support Group (FSG). Technology Support Grant applications are generally reviewed by the FSG at a monthly meeting.
  6. Applying mission units need to indicate how the capital purchase of new technology will enhance the mission and ministry of the pastoral charge. Technology Support Grants apply to items such as computers, a sound system, projectors, etc.
  7. In making an application, you should be able to describe how the matching funds will be raised.
  8. Only one cheque will be issued per grant request. Ensure that all work has been completed and all invoices are submitted together to the Financial Support Group. The cheque will be made payable to the name (and address) shown on the Charitable Status printout included with your application. The cheque will be forwarded directly to the applicant.