Beginning in 2019, there will be fundamental changes to the pastoral charge assessment process. The new assessment process

  • will fund both regional and denominational governance work.
  • will ensure that all pastoral charges share in a proportional and transparent way in the costs of the broader church.
  • dedicates the use of Mission & Service donations to fund the church’s ministry and mission.
  • provides for a phase-in period where the new assessment amount is more than 10% greater than the 2017/2018 rate paid by the pastoral charge. The new assessment could apply for three years.

Pastoral Charge Information

To support local budgeting efforts, a preliminary assessment notice is available online together with all pastoral charge statistics reports. You will need your M&S number and the access code associated with the annual church statistics report (blue forms) to log in to the Installable Web Application (IWA).

There will also be e-mail or Canada Post notification.

Mission & Service Giving Is an Essential Element of the New Model

In this new funding model, individuals, families, and congregations will continue to have the opportunity to donate to the Mission & Service of the church to support our collective ministry. This ministry is carried out in congregations, regions, the General Council Office, across Canada, and around the world through our Mission & Service partners. In times of financial pressure the new model will assure that future Mission & Service donations will not be used to fund governance. For more information, see the New Funding Model One-Pager below.

Overview of New Funding Model

For more background information, see the New Funding Model Summary below.

Webinar: Watch the Recording

Graphic for Remit Implementation and the New Assessment Process webinar

This webinar from November 27, 2018, was a chance to hear about the new process and ask questions. To watch a recording of the session and download the PowerPoint slides, visit United in Learning


Please e-mail any questions to remits [at]