We always need high-quality colour images of all kinds of subjects—United Churches, church life and work, liturgical seasons, nature, and landscapes—for some of our resources. We can’t promise we’ll choose your images, but we do look at all submissions.

We are no longer accepting photo submissions for our 2020 bulletins and calendar. Information on how to submit for 2021 bulletins and calendar will be posted in May-June 2019.

Here are some tips to keep in mind. Thanks for your help!

Bulletin Covers

United Church bulletin covers are bought and used by hundreds of congregations every year. We especially need images related to the church seasons as well as symbols of church life: Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Palm Sunday, Aboriginal Sunday, etc., plus crosses, communion elements, symbols of baptism such as water being poured, etc. For people photos, try for images that are universal and reflect diversity: hands breaking bread, praying, or lighting a candle; a person walking in the distance; a crowded sanctuary on Christmas Eve, and so on. We print a photographer credit on all bulletins and offer a $100 honorarium for each photo chosen.

We are no longer accepting photos for the 2020 bulletins. We will post information on how to submit for the 2021 bulletins in May-June 2019.

Take a look at the last Bulletin Covers catalogue for an idea of how the photos are used.

Bulletin Image Sample

Church Calendar

The eagerly anticipated annual church calendar hangs on many United Church walls. We’re looking for photos from all parts of Canada, unique or traditional, urban or rural. Please send interior and exterior shots of church buildings or worship spaces and architectural and other details. Try to avoid distractions such as hydro wires, microphones, etc. We print a photographer credit and offer a $100 honorarium for each photo chosen.

The call for 2020 calendar photos under Downloads at the bottom of this page gives more information and includes an entry form for submitting by mail. High-resolution jpegs can also be submitted using our calendar online form.

We will post information on how to submit for the 2021 calendar in May-June 2019.

Calendar Image Sample

Tips for Submitting Photos

  • Make sure images have the right orientation: a vertical format for bulletins, and a horizontal (landscape) format for the calendar.
  • High-resolution JPEG, TIFF, or PNG photos can be submitted via our online forms or mailed to us on a CD, DVD, or USB key accompanied by a contact sheet or colour printout, your contact information, and details about your photos.
  • Send duplicates only—not originals. We can’t accept responsibility for lost or damaged prints or CDs/DVDs/USB keys.