Pilgrims in Mission

Do you or your community feel called to a short-term global or intercultural faith experience (includes mission trips, service-learning experiences, pilgrimages)?

Pilgrims in Mission are enthusiastic groups or individuals who embark on a short-term experience with a Mission & Service global partner. Pilgrims engage with partners in the context of building and sustaining right relationships and build their intercultural competencies.

What does it mean to be a Pilgrim?

Are you

  • actively engaged with the United Church?
  • prepared for a “see, taste, touch” immersive experience?
  • excited about the opportunity to share with your home community of faith upon return?

Explore the resources below and connect with People in Partnership staff at pip [at] united-church.ca .

Recommended Reading

Current Opportunities

For information on current opportunities, check out the Other Opportunities on the Job and Volunteer Opportunities page, or contact  pip [at] united-church.ca

Designing Your Own Opportunity

Thinking about designing your own pilgrimage? We’d love to hear about your plans! Contact pip [at] united-church.ca  for resources and tips.


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