If the root is holy, then the branches also are holy. —Romans 11:16

Tree tops
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Faith formation is people of all ages growing in their relationship with and understanding of God, Jesus, the Bible, and their faith. Faith formation is about living as disciples of Jesus in our day-to-day lives at home, at work, in our faith community, and in the world.

Join us as we create a faith formation ecosystem in the United Church rooted in prayer, Bible teaching/study, and an awareness of God’s presence and engagement in people’s lives. Please visit our iNspirefaith Facebook group to connect with and support one another, and The Presence Project, a way to transform the culture of your church using a simple immersion process for deepening spirituality.

Note from Nora: Surely God Is in this Place

General Secretary Nora Sanders writes about experiencing a profound reminder of the presence of God in an everyday setting.

Baptism in the St. Lawrence

Sunday, September 8, 2019 wasn’t the warmest early fall day and the St. Lawrence River had already begun to cool. Nevertheless, seven people from…

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Sacred Landscape

Jane Dawson writes that the tragic fire at Notre Dame cathedral can remind us to look at what can be born when the defining symbols of our lives…

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Practicing Faith

In the blog post Rev. David Sherwin writes that being a Christian isn’t something we are, it is something we aspire to be. When we practice our…

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Embracing the Inward Journey

There was a time, within the memory of many of us in The United Church of Canada, when a congregation could count on the culture around it to…

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Freezies, Games, Prayer, (and More Freezies)

In the summer of 2018, our church decided to try Vacation Bible School camp (VBS).

The last time the United Church had organized a…

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Being Formed

The word “formation” makes me think of fashioning something out of raw material — perhaps with the hands, like a piece of wood or a lump of clay…

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Experiencing the Sacred in Summer

When I was growing up, our family did not have a summer cottage, but we spent part of many summers at the cottage of our good friends, the Fosters…

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Solstice Baby

Indigenous Day of Prayer reminds us that if we are to heal broken relationships, we must talk with one another. Let us begin today and never stop…