Pray and reflect on the call to ministry and Christian service. For Vocation Sunday, consider sharing some ministers' call stories - why they chose a ministry vocation, what they love about it, and what challenges they face.

Worship Ideas
PDF icon 2018 Vocation Sunday: Sermon Starters
Based on the lectionary readings for April 22, 2018; feel free to adapt.
File Call and Vocation: Prayers for Use in Worship
These prayers can be used to celebrate Vocation Sunday, or in any worship service in which the theme is appropriate.
File God's World Needs Leaders Worship Service
A service for Vocation Sunday or another inspirational service.
PDF icon Message: God’s World Needs Leaders
This reflection could be incorporated into a celebration of Vocation Sunday or another suitable occasion.

A prayer for Vocation Sunday

Minute for Mission
Our gifts for Mission & Service support theological education and support systems for the vocation of ministry.
Our gifts for Mission & Service support theological schools.
File Entering Ministry Playlist
Stories of call to ministry in the United Church
Our gifts for Mission & Service support theological education.
Our gifts for Mission & Service support the continuing education of ministers as well as those in the discernment process.
PDF icon Vocation: Hymns, Prayers, and Scripture
Selections from hymn books and the Bible for anyone who is considering their vocation or supporting someone who is.