Latest Prayers

Last updated: 
August 19, 2017

We are people of the way.
We have been called to travel in new directions and in new ways.
Today, we will leave the paths that have brought us here,
to explore new ways of doing the work of our beloved church.

We give thanks for the way stretched out in front of us,
and all of the challenges, fears, and possibilities it brings.

We give thanks for the way that lies behind us;
it has faithfully led us this far.

Last updated: 
August 18, 2017

O God,
you have bound us together
and called us to be your church. 

We give you thanks for Rendez-vous,
and the many people who created this space.
We hold it as sacred.

We thank you for your presence,
for the deeper knowledge we have gained of you
and of one another because we have journeyed together.

As we leave this space,
may we be empowered to be our best selves,
may we be richly blessed by your love,
and may we be forever guided by your presence.

Last updated: 
August 18, 2017

May we be a united and uniting people seeking to
     celebrate God’s presence,
     live with respect in Creation,
     love and serve others,
     seek justice and resist evil.

May we travel with purpose and passion,
     nurturing faith and comforting hearts,
     sharing our gifts for the good of all,
     resisting forces that exploit and marginalize,
     loving fiercely in the face of violence,
     defending the human dignity of all.

May we be your church.

Last updated: 
August 17, 2017

Uniting God,
you call us into your church to accept the cost and joy of discipleship:
to celebrate your presence,
     to live with respect in Creation,
     to be your servants in the service of others,
     to seek justice and resist evil,
     to share in Christ’s baptism and eat at his table,
     to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,
          our judge and our hope.

Send your Holy Spirit to bind us in full communion
so that we may be a uniting church
     embodying your love for the world.

Last updated: 
August 16, 2017

It is a good day.
A good day for blessing.
A good day for receiving blessing.
A good day for living blessing for all creation,
All our relations, all who gather in Montreal to Be the Church.
It is a good day for a Rendez-vous.
Blessings galore!

—a prayer by Bob Root (of Peterborough, ON) adapted for United Church youth, young adults, and leaders gathering at Rendez-vous in Montreal

Last updated: 
August 14, 2017

God of life,
we are thankful for this pilgrimage,
a journey that is not measured in distance, but in transformation.

We give thanks for this journey and the people we journey with.

As we travel, provide us with the humility, wisdom, and grace needed
to deepen our understanding of what it means to be the church
in our time and place.

May we continue to follow in the way that you are leading
with hopeful and daring hearts,
until we have reached your common wealth of justice and peace for all.


Last updated: 
August 11, 2017

Ever present God,
for all the times in the past you have carried us,
we give you thanks.

For all the times in the future you will keep us,
we praise your holy name.

Help us today to find strength, patience, wisdom,
and your presence. Amen.

—a prayer by Wehn-In Ng from Celebrate God’s Presence (p. 553) offered for United Church youth, young adults, and leaders on their way to the Rendez-vous gathering in Montreal

Last updated: 
July 12, 2017

God of Creation,
We live in a world where both beauty and danger surround us.

Receive our prayers for those impacted by, and living in fear of, the wildfires across the interior of British Columbia:
     for all who cannot find adequate food, safety, or shelter…
     for all who have lost their homes, churches, community centres, and workplaces…
     for all your glorious natural Creation that has been destroyed and is in harm’s way…
     for all things, places, and place that are in need of healing.

Last updated: 
June 26, 2017

Creating God,
As we mark the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada,
we remember and give thanks
for the people who have been the stewards of this land
since time immemorial,
and commit ourselves to the work of justice, healing, and reconciliation.

Together we dream about the country that we hope to become,
a country where all are free to be their best selves.

- a prayer for Canada Day

Last updated: 
June 2, 2017

Constant Friend, because

People of every sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity have the right to live with dignity and without persecution or discrimination, we

Remember in our prayers:

LGBTQ+ people of Chechnya, Uganda, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and elsewhere who have been murdered and tortured because of who they are. We remember them and the people who love them.