What We Believe

We are committed to being a welcoming church that is opposed to discrimination against any person on any basis, and affirm that all human beings are made in the image of God regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We welcome into full membership and ministry people of all sexual orientations and gender identities (lesbian, gay, bisexual, two spirit, trans,* queer+).

More and more United Church communities of faith are going through a process to declare that they are Affirming—fully inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

* Trans is often used as a substitute for transgender, to include people of a wider variety of gender identities who may not feel comfortable adopting the term transgender.

Knox United Church, Brandon, MB
Knox United Church, Brandon, MB
Brandon Sun

What You Can Do

  • Find an Affirming Ministry.
  • Plan a worship service; a number of special Sundays can focus on gender issues. A worship service on the theme of Iridesce: The Living Apology Project is available under Downloads, below.
  • Celebrating Gender Diversity: Five Stories: listen and learn from the experience of trans people of faith in The United Church of Canada (recorded webinar)
  • Gender Identity in the Church: Learn about ways to become more welcoming to people of all gender identities (also see the resource Celebrating Gender Diversity under Downloads, below)
  • Explore Recommended Resources, Timelines, and more under Downloads, below
  • Find an LGBTTQ+ affirming summer camp (see Sexual Orientation Resources under Downloads, below).
  • The whole church is invited to participate in IRIDESCE: The Living Apology Project.

Trans and LGBTTQ+ Groups

Connect with trans and genderqueer groups as well as LGBTTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirited, queer+):

Men’s and Women’s Groups

For more information, contact 

Jordan SullivanMinistry Partnership Animator/Program Assist416-231-7680 ext. 4151
1-800-268-3781 ext. 4151
jsullivan [at] united-church.ca