Milestones and Transitions

These liturgies provide support for the work of pastoral charges and regional councils, such as congregational dedications and the installation of officials.

Worship Ideas
File Celebration of a New Ministry
An Act of Covenanting for a New Pastoral Relationship within a Community of Faith
File Constituting a Congregation liturgy
A liturgy on constituting a congregation.
File Dedication of a Church Building
A liturgy for the dedication of a church building.
PDF icon Gathering Prayer Resource for GC43
Daily prayers and reflections for commissioners, and resources for a General Council-themed worship service (bilingual).
PDF icon Liturgy for the Closing of a Church
A worship service for church closure or amalgamation.
File Reception of a Candidate for the Ordained or Diaconal Ministry
A liturgy on reception of a candidate for the ordained or diaconal ministry.
File Union of Congregations
A liturgy for the uniting of congregations.

An Epiphany prayer for times of change

File Prayer for Times of Change: A New Way of Being Church
A prayer and other worship ideas that might be used during times of being a church with new relationships, during other times of change, for the Day of Pentecost, or for Union Sunday.
File Prayer for Times of Change: At This Threshold
A prayer and other worship ideas that might be used to help communities of faith celebrate the start of new relationships in their regional councils or for other times of change, as well as for Epiphany Sunday.
File Prayer for Times of Change: We Are at a Doorway
A prayer and other worship ideas that might be used to offer thanks as presbyteries and Conferences come to an end, for other times of change, or for Reign of Christ Sunday.
PDF icon We Are Not Alone (SATB) (Pat Mayberry/David Kai)
Short SATB piece with piano accompaniment suitable for use during a funeral, memorial service, or other appropriate times during a worship service. Lyrics from the United Church's A New Creed. Please credit Music: Pat Mayberry; Arrangement: David Kai and report to One License / Licensing.
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September 5, 2019

During this upcoming year, as major changes to our church structure are under consideration, many of us will be planning worship services for people who are dealing with and working through the complex feelings involved with change: the grief, loss, and sadness in saying goodbye to the courts of...