Milestones and Transitions

These liturgies provide support for the work of the different levels of church courts in The United Church of Canada, such as congregational dedications and the installation of presbytery and Conference officials.

Worship Ideas
File Constituting a Congregation liturgy
A liturgy on constituting a congregation.
File Dedication of a Church Building
A liturgy for the dedication of a church building.
PDF icon Gathering Prayer Resource for GC43
Daily prayers and reflections for commissioners, and resources for a General Council-themed worship service (bilingual).
File Installation of a President of Conference
Liturgy for the installation of a President of Conference.
File Installation of the Chairperson of Presbytery
A liturgy for installing a chairperson of presbytery.
PDF icon Liturgy for the Closing of a Church
A worship service for church closure or amalgamation.
File Reception of a Candidate for the Ordained or Diaconal Ministry
A liturgy on reception of a candidate for the ordained or diaconal ministry.
File Risking Faith, Daring Hope
A worship service for congregational use inspired by the 43rd General Council 2018.
File Risking Faith, Daring Hope: We Are Not Alone
43rd General Council 2018 Opening Worship
File Sankofa: Looking Back, Moving Forward
A service for church courts that are closing in this time of transition.
File Simple Service of Goodbye
A service for church courts that are closing in this time of transition.
File Union of Congregations
A liturgy for the uniting of congregations.

A prayer for opening worship at GC43

A prayer for written for participants arriving at GC43.

A prayer written for participants leaving GC43

Worship Blog
In times of church change, liturgies can help us move forward.