The United Church has a long history of assisting a time of emegency, both globally and close to home. 

PDF icon Bulletin Insert: Cyclone Idai
A bulletin insert including a prayer and information related to Cyclone Idai

A prayer for all those who are being affected by extreme weather events.

A prayer for those affected by the tornadoes that touched land in the Ottawa and Gatineau regions, and the storm across northeastern Ontario and Quebec, by the Right Rev. Richard Bott.

File Prayer for All Affected by the East Japan Earthquake
This prayer is used at the Mizonokuchi Church in the city of Kawasaki, a part of Kanagawa Prefecture and of the Kanagawa District of the United Church of Christ in Japan. Translation by Rob Witmer.

A prayer for the Global Day of Prayer to End Famine

Creator God, be with us in these times of trouble:
we are surrounded by images of violence from ....

we are called to wrestle with how to respond to the devastation, death, fear, and hatred around us with compassionate and prophetic love.

we grieve for a cycle of violence...

When the rains come down,
and the winds circle around,
it can be cause for joy,
God of all creation...

File Jesus Was a Refugee
A poem/hymn text by John Wesley Oldham, Winnipeg.
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Our gifts for Mission & Service support Haitians devastated by Hurricane Matthew.
Our gifts for Mission & Service support refugees.
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March 16, 2018

The United Church of Canada cares for refugees because we believe that sharing God’s love is our prime purpose. We believe that justice is the public face of God’s love, and work to share God’s love on a personal, local and global level. 

I see the face of God in refugees’ faces:...