World Food Sunday

October 20, 2019

World Food Sunday is celebrated on the third Sunday in October. The week leading up to it is observed as the Churches' Week of Action on Food.

Worship Ideas
PDF icon Recognizing That Food Is Sacred: Seed Service
A service that focuses on one of the Seven Principles of Food Sovereignty and features a seed mandala.
File Room at the Table (Canadian Foodgrains Bank)
A worship package with resources to pray, give, and advocate for an end to global hunger.
PDF icon Seeds of Sovereignty
A worship outline for the Seeding Life campaign from Mandate, Nov. 2014.
File Service for World Food Sunday
A World Food Sunday service that can be adapted for local contexts.
File Prayer for extreme hunger in Africa, and the Middle East
A prayer for people experiencing extreme hunger in Africa and the Middle East
Minute for Mission
Our gifts for Mission & Service support ministers through theological education training and continuing education.
Our gifts for Mission & Service help global partners working toward food security.
PDF icon A Drama about Food Sovereignty and Justice
This drama goes with the worship “Seeds of Sovereignty” found in Mandate November 2014.
HTML icon Churches Week of Action on Food (Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance)
An archive of resources for worship, advocacy, and action on food justice.
File Churches' Week of Action on Food (World Council of Churches)
Annual resources for a week of action on food justice, leading up to World Food Sunday.
Our gifts for Mission & Service offer long-term support and solidarity around the world.
PDF icon Exploring the Principles of Food Sovereignty
A Resource for the Food Justice Week of Action.
File Seeding Life
Together we can build a world in which food is produced, distributed, and consumed in ways that respect the Earth. Mission & Service partners in Haiti and South Africa support small-farmers' organizations that are working to change their countries' economies to sustain themselves and...