Asian Heritage Month 1

May 5, 2019

The celebration of May as Asian Heritage Month begins this week. Officially recognized in Canada since 2002, this is a time to prayerfully reflect on the contributions of Asian Canadians to Canadian society.

Worship Ideas
File 2019 Asian Heritage Month | A Step Nearer to Harmony
A worship service for Asian Heritage Month that encourages harmonious living.
PDF icon 2019 Asian Heritage Month | Centennial of Korean Independence
The year 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement of the Korean people, who rose against colonial occupation by Japan in 1919. This worship resource can be used in Sunday service in May, Asian Heritage Month, or anytime in 2019.
PDF icon 2019 Asian Heritage Month | Our God Goes with Us
A worship service for Asian Heritage Month worship service this year that focuses on the United Churches of Japanese-Canadian background and reminds us that no matter where we go and whatever the future holds, we need not fear, for God goes with us and before us.
File 2019 Asian Heritage Month | Rice Is Heaven
A worship service for Asian Heritage Month that uses rice as a symbol of life and harmony.
File Christian Conference of Asia | Asia Sunday 2019
A worship service focused on Stateless and Trafficked People: Our Co-Pilgrims. A PDF and Word file can be downloaded from this webpage.
File Come, Drink of Living Water
A liturgy honouring an intercultural ministry, suitable for Asian Heritage Month.
File Liturgical Resources | Christian Conference of Asia
The CCA issues annual Asia Sunday resources for thematic worship.
File Prairie Horizons Intercultural Worship
An outline for worship in an intercultural context.
File Surrounded by So Great a Cloud of Witnesses
A worship service for Asian Heritage Month that awakens the senses and celebrates diversity while seeking harmony.
File The Story of Moon IkHwan
David Kim-Cragg tells the story of his parents struggling as Christians in Korea before and after the Korean war.
File Who Are We? Resources for Canadian Multiculturalism Day
Worship resources to celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day. ...
File Easter Joint North-South Prayer
From the National Council of Churches in Korea and the Korean Christian Federation
File Litany of Thanksgiving for Asian Heritage Month
This litany is used at Tsurukawa Church located in the city of Machida, a part of Tokyo Prefecture and of the West Tokyo District of the United Church of Christ in Japan. Translation by Rob Witmer.
File Prayer for All Affected by the East Japan Earthquake
This prayer is used at the Mizonokuchi Church in the city of Kawasaki, a part of Kanagawa Prefecture and of the Kanagawa District of the United Church of Christ in Japan. Translation by Rob Witmer.
PDF icon Sing, Thanks to Our God (Song of Many Tongues)
A unison worship song (includes optional descant) with piano accompaniment for use during Asian Heritage Month. Written by Amy Yea Kyong Lee.
Minute for Mission
Our gifts for Mission & Service support the international ecumenical movement.
Our gifts to Mission & Service support ministers in overseas positions to preach, teach, and heal.
Through our partner, the Asian Rural Institute, Mission & Service offers an opportunity to learn what it means to lead and serve.
File Asian Cultures, Asian Heritage
This video celebrates Asian cultures within the United Church today. Asian leaders speak of their experiences in the church.
Our gifts for Mission & Service support intercultural programs.
Our gifts for Mission & Service have supported many overseas personnel.
File Intercultural Hymn Service
A service framed around hymns in Voices United from cultures around the world.
Our gifts for Mission & Service support programs for migrant workers.
PDF icon Scripture and Incense
A Bible study for Asian Heritage Month on Psalm 141:1–4
File Servant Leadership
Minutes for Mission - December 18, 2016: The Asian Rural Institute has been training people from around the world in sustainable agriculture for decades. It's graduates have changed agricultural practices for small farmers in their countries. Supported through your donations to Mission&...
Worship Blog
After the experience of war and forced relocation, the author's Japanese Canadian family is welcomed by the United Church.
During May, The United Church of Canada celebrates the contributions of many Asian-Canadian members.
Incense is used in most Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic religions and Indigenous spiritual practices but missionaries banned it as superstition.