UCW Works to End Child Poverty

Our gifts for Mission & Service support the United Church Women Child Well-Being Initiative.
UCW dolls works to end child poverty
The Guardian (Charlottetown)

What important message could a colourful cloth doll give? A powerful one! Just ask the members of the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly, who each recently received a handmade doll from the PEI UCW Presbyterial Child Poverty Committee with a message reminding them that all PEI children deserve to have their basic needs met.

The members were genuinely interested in the dolls and commented on the uniqueness of each one, some with personal comments such as “I have a sweater just like my doll!” But better yet, the UCW committee was assured that politicians understood the intent of the dolls—to be a concrete reminder that over 22 percent of children in that province live with poverty every day and that the responsibility of government is to do all it can to eradicate poverty.

This is only a beginning, as the UCW works continually to monitor progress in this area and hold government to account until child poverty has been eradicated in Prince Edward Island. This initiative is part of a nation-wide UCW strategy to address child poverty. Across Canada, United Church Women continue to be huge supporters of the Mission & Service of The United Church of Canada.

We sing thanksgiving for UCW’s work to end child poverty.

If Mission & Service is already a regular part of your giving, thank you so much! If you have not given for Mission & Service, please join me in making Mission & Service a regular part of your life of faith. In all our Mission & Service giving, with a willing heart, we sing thanksgiving to God!

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