In the beautiful south end of Halifax, Nova Scotia, there is a small university whose commitment is to “serve Christ’s mission by shaping effective and faithful ordained and lay leaders and understanding among communities of faith.” The Atlantic School of Theology (AST) was formed in 1971 through the joint vision and forward thinking of its three founding parties—the United, Anglican, and Roman Catholic Churches of Canada. The school is located on the site of Pine Hill Divinity Hall, which had provided theological education since 1878. Thanks to its board of governors, faculty, and staff, and the support of the three founding parties, Atlantic School of Theology continues to train, support, and prepare leaders to face the unique challenges of ministry in the 21st century.

Kim Curlett is a candidate for ordination in the United Church and a Master of Divinity student. “AST was my first choice for theological education because of its commitment to ecumenism and interfaith dialogue,” she says. “To me, effective leadership in the church today means that we are not only able to educate and care for our local congregation, but that we are also able to engage with our neighbours outside the church walls with respect and a deep sense that we are all children of God. It is with this understanding that we are truly able to be Christ’s hands and hearts in the world.” Mission & Service makes theological education for students, clergy, and lay worship leaders possible. Thank you for your generous support.

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