For over 40 years the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) has been training rural leaders in three core areas: community building, integrated organic farming techniques, and servant leadership.

Servant leadership has been part of ARI since its inception. Participants learn about different models of leadership, such as those personified by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi. At the core of this training is the belief that through understanding current issues and developing management skills, the students will become effective leaders.

One of the participants shared his understanding of servant leadership:

A leader is not a commander but serves the people. I got a great challenge and lesson from ARI on the role of servant leader. The servant leadership methods completely changed me. Staff are always practising servant leadership, and that is why. It is not just taught and learned but also practised every day. All people are equal, no discrimination. I never learned this before. I know the words “servant leadership” as a Christian but not in practice in the community. But from ARI I really came to know its meaning.

Working in partnership with staff members and in work teams allows participants to learn what it means to both serve and follow.

We are thankful for partners like Asian Rural Insitute, where our Mission & Service gifts offer many an opportunity to learn what it truly means to lead and serve.

Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.

Loving God, we are called to be your colours in the world, to walk with each other,
to share in love through our gifts for Mission & Service.
Guide us to shine brightly in the world. Amen

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