As we look back over our history as The United Church of Canada, we remember one of the saints whose work forms the foundation that the United Church of ours is built on: Audrey McKim. 

Audrey McKim was born in Toronto in 1926. At the United Church, she was an editor of Discovery and World Friends with the Board of Sunday School Publications. She was also the Director of Christian Education at two Toronto churches. Audrey was one of the first United Church of Canada missionaries in Kenya, where she served for 10 years. She initially went to Kenya as a deacon of the United Church, and was part of the Canadian contingent to Operation Crossroads Africa in 1962. 

In 1963, Audrey returned as a Christian Education Worker with the National Christian Council and the Christian Churches Educational Association, where she worked until 1967. She was also a prolific writer and authored numerous articles and books, mostly for children. She was a founding member of the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers. Her children’s storybooks and books of prayer are filled with words and images that teach as well as entertain. 

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