Faith and queerness have not always been natural friends,” says the Rev. Ralph Wushke, chaplain at the Ecumenical Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto.

In 2005 the chaplaincy created Qu(e)erying Religion. The program creates a safe space for students of all faiths to explore gender identity, sexual orientation, and religious belief. It has grown to become a meaningful and life-giving program for students.

When students arrive at university it is often the first time they are able to explore who they are. Many come from tight-knit communities and find that at university they are free to explore their identity as well as their faith.

Qu(e)erying Religion holds pub night discussions on such topics as online dating, gender identity, and coming out to friends and family, and it hosts seminars and workshops on queerness and faith.

We sing thanksgiving for the support of safe spaces for university students on campus.

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