People in Partnership

Our gifts for Mission & Service offer people of the United Church the chance to visit global partners.
Published on: 
January 8, 2019

Our gifts for Mission & Service offer people of The United Church of Canada an opportunity to visit our global partners through the People in Partnership program. An opportunity to “come and see” our Mission & Service global partners can deepen our understanding of what it means to be in partnership. 

The People in Partnership program goes deeper, combining the experience of what we are called to be as a United Church and how we are to live out the greatest commandment of loving one another and loving our neighbours through a program of conversation and integration. Those who have gone on one of the “come and see” experiences have come back changed. The experiences offer a way to see the world with new eyes and a transformed heart.

The result is a life-changing view of the world and Mission & Service as the heart and soul of The United Church of Canada. Opportunities for short-term and longer-term experiences are available. To learn more, visit People in Partnership on The United Church of Canada website,

If Mission & Service giving is already a regular part of your life, thank you so much! If you have not given, please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith. Loving our neighbour is at the heart of our Mission & Service.

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