As a result of the Syrian refugee crisis, millions of refugees have fled to neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon. In both countries, as well as Syria, ACT Alliance is responding to needs like food security, water, sanitation, education, and psychosocial issues.

Zaatari Refugee Camp in northern Jordan is home to 80,000 Syrian refugees. ACT Alliance members are using educational programs geared for teenagers and young adults to give these refugees hope and provide them with the skills they’ll need to rebuild Syria when the war is over.

One 23-year-old refugee who has participated in three programs—computer skills, life skills, and youth initiatives—wants to use what he’s learned in the camp to build a new Syria without violence or terrorism. Other courses offered include non-violent communication and conflict resolution, English language skills, and hairdressing.

Some refugees’ lives are completely changed in Zaatari. One man, Mohammad Allo, arrived in the camp scared, single, and unemployed. Now he works for ACT Alliance member the Lutheran World Federation as a psychosocial facilitator, got married in the camp, and has a second child on the way. “We are not terrorists, as the stereotype goes. We don’t want to be stereotypes,” he says.

We sing thanksgiving for the hope carried in the resilient lives of refugees.

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