Let us hear a story of one ministry and a historic event in Moraviantown, London Conference.

We give thanks that in April 2016 land was transferred from The United Church of Canada back to the Delaware Nation. The land is known as Fairfield and has become a national historic site with a history dating back to the 1700s.

In June 2015 the Executive of London Conference had been directed to continue its ongoing discussions with the Delaware Nation concerning Fairfield. In the spirit of reconciliation the conversation was about two parcels of land the United Church had owned and that were connected to the early village, including the burial grounds of the Delaware Nation up to the 18th century.

As we work toward reconciliation, the actions of London Conference are to be celebrated as important moves toward partnership.

The land will remain a historic site as well as a Canadian Foodgrains Bank field, with the addition of an interpretive centre to share the story of the Delaware, particularly their experience at Fairfield.

The museum is a testimony to a time of safety, nurture, and peace between two cultures in the past. It is a symbol of the United Church’s efforts toward healing and reconciliation in the relationship between these two cultures in the present.

We sing thanksgiving for the heart of London Conference in its work toward reconciliation!

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