Since 2012, Jordan has received over 1.5 million refugees. Large numbers of Syrian and Iraqi refugees have sought safety in the country. The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC)-Jordan is part of the ongoing response to this crisis.

MECC-Jordan approaches aid to refugees through a lens of Christian moral duty and human dignity. Referring to them as guests rather than refugees, the council insists that everything that is given is of high quality. Just because the newcomers are vulnerable and in need does not mean they should receive only what’s left over. Rather than giving food parcels and clothes, MECC provides vouchers so people can choose what they want based on their needs.

MECC-Jordan also helps local churches that are receiving refugees, such as Our Lady of Assumption parish in Amman. Father Boghos Nahabedian opened his church hall to recent refugees, and later, with the assistance of MECC and other organizations, helped them settle in the area. Social programs for adults and children are also offered to enhance a sense of community.

“Every prayer, thought, and donation is making a difference,” says Wafa Goussous, Director of MECC’s Jordan office.

We sing thanksgiving for the ongoing work of the Middle East Council of Churches and its commitment to supporting refugees in Jordan.

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