Farming Partnership

Mission & Service partners are working with smallhold Kenyan farmers to improve agricultural yields and practices. 
Minutes for Mission: Farming Partnership in Kenya
Published on: 
August 28, 2018

Smallhold farmers are some of the most important growers of food in Africa. According to some estimates, almost 80 percent of food for African families is supplied by smallhold farms. The health of those farms is therefore essential to solving chronic food insecurity in Africa. 

Mission & Service partner The National Council of Churches in Kenya, in collaboration with The United Church of Canada and Canadian Foodgrains Bank, is undertaking a major initiative in Tharaka Nithi County in the upper eastern region of Kenya, working with Kenyan farmers to improve yields and practices using conservation agriculture. 

Many of the households in these areas are headed by women who depend on farming for their livelihood. Poor yields have an immediate impact on daily life. There is no money for school fees. Families reduce food consumption at the same time that significant energy and labour on the farm are required. These farms are very vulnerable to climate change–related issues such as drought. 

The project will focus on access to resources such as land, water, and drought-resistant seeds as well as training in farming techniques such as mulching to maximize the use of local resources. Preserving and harvesting water as well as small-scale irrigation will all help vulnerable households improve their farm yields and family nutrition. 

We are thankful that our Mission & Service gifts are supporting farmers in Kenya as they work to feed their families and care for the land. 
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.

Loving God, we are called to be your colours in the world, to walk with each other, 
to share in love through our gifts for Mission & Service.
Guide us to shine brightly in the world. Amen


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