Camp Caterpillar

Our gifts for Mission & Service support safe spaces for children.
The logo of Camp Caterpillar.
Camp Caterpillar

Fran Forsberg shares her experience of Camp Caterpillar on Candle Lake, Saskatchewan:

“Being a mom of three gender-variant children I was afraid to give my children the experience of camp. I was afraid that my children would be singled out as weird, bullied by staff and other children for the simple fact that they do not fit into the gender norm.

“I asked around, and after being refused twice, I was told by the Rev. David Kim-Cragg about Camp Tapawingo. A member of the board took my request to the board the following week. One week later not only did I get a resounding YES, I also received the news that Alison Starks (A.J.), a Director for Camp FYrefly, had agreed to run the camp.

“I met with A.J. Both of us were very excited at the prospect of this camp for children ages 7–13 who happen to be transgender and extended the invitation to their siblings as well. Twenty-two children, transgender, two-spirit, and cis-gender, arrived at Camp Caterpillar.

“They formed friendships. They were assured that they were safe, accepted, and valued for their authentic selves. These young humans continue to support each other through e-mails and texts.

“I speak for all the parents; we are thankful for A.J. and her staff, who are LGBTQ+. I read one comment from a boy who is 11 and trans: ‘I had the best time of my life at camp!’”

We sing thanksgiving for LGBTQ+ camps like Camp Caterpillar!

If Mission & Service is already a regular part of your giving, thank you so much! If you have not given for Mission & Service, please join me in making Mission & Service a regular part of your life of faith. In all our Mission & Service giving, with a willing heart, we sing thanksgiving to God!

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