What will it take to bring peace to the Middle East? Mission & Service partner the Middle East Council of Churches believes it includes creating opportunities for youth to relate to one another across differences and to reject judgment and stereotypes.

The realities of the region mean that Christians and Muslims live in a state of heightened tension and potential conflict. In Lebanon these tensions have been exacerbated by the influx of a large number of displaced persons, many from Syria, who have stretched to the breaking point communities’ capacity to cope.

The Middle East Council of Churches plans to bring together groups of youth aged 15–22 in Lebanon. The youth will meet with one another to discuss, work, and play together to lay the foundations for new and positive ways of understanding and seeing one another beyond traditional boundaries and barriers. The experience will give participants real and practical models for Muslim–Christian dialogue in their own communities.

We sing thanksgiving for the ways that Mission & Service is in the Middle East helping to change hearts and minds for the sake of peace and justice.

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