Camp Bimini creates camping memories.

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Camp Bimini in Ontario creates camping memories.

Put friends first to make friends last—
On this you can depend.
Through thin or thick, you’ll be my pick—
You’ll always be my friend.

Bimini friends are always friends,
Who always will be near.
Through Jesus Christ we’re a family
To last all through the years.

Since 1947, Camp Bimini has been offering memorable camping experiences for all ages. Adventures in nature, sports, crafts, music, swimming, campfires and more encourage staff, campers, and volunteers to play, laugh, learn, love, sing, grow, teach, create, and simply be.

The well-being of children and adults is linked to the amount of time spent in nature: The more time spent outdoors, the better off people are. At Bimini, God’s creation is vibrant and dynamic, an awesome and awe-filled place and space.

The camp is energized for the upcoming season and all that it will be offering. They are energized, too, for what our campers, staff, and volunteers will be sharing with one another. Friends are always nearby, and times of discovery and opportunities to do both familiar and new things are always there. Everyone looks forward to all the adventure, discovery, fun, and friendship. When you are at Bimini, you are repeatedly reminded that you are indeed a precious child of God. The camp hopes everyone experiences that “Bimini friends are always friends.”

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