Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, has been advocating for low-income individuals and families for almost 50 years and is the only community organization in the province to offer welfare advocacy services. Designated lay minister and advocate Bonnie Morton shares her passion for the work of Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry:

“The people that we serve at the ministry need more than money; they need services and programs that will help them improve their skills and abilities so they can better compete in the job market.

“A young man came to me because he had been cut off welfare. He had told his social worker that he did not have a grade 8 education and couldn’t hold down a job. The government worker kept placing him in work positions that he continued to fail at. The last job was in construction. He couldn’t read a measuring tape, and his fellow employees made fun of him. He came to us for help, and we appealed the decision to cut him off welfare. We were able to show that no one had listened to him, and we got him and his family back on welfare with retroactive payments. About four years later, this man came back to share with us that he had earned his grade 12 diploma, had gone on to graduate from a technical school with a certificate in engineering, and had just been offered a job. He is still working and hopefully will never have to depend on social assistance again.”

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