Water is a gift of God and a fundamental human right. Getting water remains a gruelling chore for many in the Global South, who may spend much of their day hauling water from distant sources to meet their families’ needs. Access to water affects every part of daily life. Mission & Service partner People's Action Forum is working hard to address these challenges in rural Zambia.

From 2015 to 2016, People’s Action Forum tripled the number of boreholes it was able to drill from 10 to 30. It says, “The list of needy communities is always longer than what can be provided in any given year. Every single additional well that can be provided keeps a community from waiting another whole year on the waiting list.” Boreholes are often drilled close to community hubs like schools, making access as broad as possible.

Near the town of Mumbwa Chipo, the primary school has 620 children enrolled. Head teacher Fredah Kafuti talks about the positive difference a borehole drilled by People’s Action Forum has made. Before the borehole was drilled, staff and students had a four-kilometre walk to the closest water supply. Now students have ready access to safe drinking water and have been able to establish small vegetable gardens for the school feeding program.

Fredah says, “These are vulnerable children. They live in poverty, which makes the school’s feeding program crucial. Education will give them a chance for a better life.” The borehole, she added, is helping the school serve that most important purpose.

Mission & Service is making a difference in rural Zambia.

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