Latest Prayers

Last updated: 
October 10, 2019

Dear crucified Christ, 
it is you we remember and you to whom we pray.

In our liturgy and song, we worship you:
the one who healed the sick and called us to follow. 

You ate at the table of Zacharias the sinner. 
You befriended Mary Magdalene, an outcast of her day. 
You enjoyed socializing, gathering disciples around the table 
with plenty of wine to drink and bread to eat. 

You read the words of Isaiah in the synagogue and 
turned over the money changers’ tables in anger.

You were a threat to the church and the...

Last updated: 
October 7, 2019


Conspire with us
to create a world where all have access to nutritious and sustainable food sources,
and none live with scarcity or food insecurity.

Save us from oppressive and unjust systems.
Mobilize us to be a part of a world response
that works in partnership with those of good will
to foster equitable resource sharing.

Cultivate our resilience and expand our imaginations,
so that we might continually find new ways
to answer the call to end hunger—
until all may...

Last updated: 
September 27, 2019

A prayer for the launch of the memorial register honouring children who died at residential schools (TRC Call to Action 72) on September 30, 2019.

Last updated: 
September 18, 2019

A prayer for the 2019 Federal Election

Last updated: 
September 16, 2019

A prayer for the Fridays for Future Climate Strike movement by Alydia Smith.

Last updated: 
September 9, 2019

A prayer by Alydia Smith for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Last updated: 
April 22, 2019

A prayer for pilgrims that could also be used for Vocation Sunday.

Last updated: 
April 4, 2019

A prayer for March 21 by the Right Rev. Richard Bott. 

Last updated: 
September 9, 2019

A prayer in response to Cyclone Idai by the Right Rev. Richard Bott.

Last updated: 
March 15, 2019

—A prayer in response to the March 2019 New Zealand mosque attacks by the Right Rev. Richard Bott.