From the first breath of creation, Holy One,
you have spoken to the creatures of earth.
Whispering hope.
   Calling for peace
       Crying for justice.

Women of all times and situations caught the vision and have worked for the coming of a world of fulfillment and safety for all.
And yet—tyrants and bullies still silence your voice and deny your presence.

On this day when we name the injustices, violence, and degradation women continue to endure, let the silence be broken, the degradation be named, and the violence cease.
As a community of caring, aware, and involved people, let us work together for the world we were shown in a garden so long ago.

May the sacred winds of creation blow through us and through all the lands as we declare in hope that creation is good.
So be it and amen. 

—a prayer for International Women's Day by Betty Radford Turcott, of Bowmanville, ON, a published author and former National President of United Church Women