Crucified Christ,
As we reflect on the violence of the cross,
and mourn with our partners the destruction and death caused by the escalating mob violence in the northeast district of Dehli,
we remember that
even when you were filled with anger and rage,
        you challenged us to uphold values of harmony and nonviolence;
even when you were marginalized because of your faithful witness,
        you commanded us to protect the most vulnerable;
even when your culture taught you to hate,
        you commissioned us to love each other.
Because of the cross,
we believe that your spirit of harmony, protection, and love
has the power to counteract death and desecration.

And because of your ministry,
we know that you require the help of the faithful to work with partners and friends of all faiths,
        to comfort those who are mourning the death of loved ones,
        to provide security to those who have lost their livelihoods, and
        to remove the underlying issues of these destructive actions.

As we look forward to your coming resurrection, may we continue to hope and work towards reconciliation, healing, and peace.

—A prayer for the people of the northeast district of Delhi, India, where communal mob violence in 2020 has caused death, hundreds of injuries, and the destruction of property and sacred places. By Alydia Smith.

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