Caring God,

Our failure to care for creation continues to cause pain and suffering beyond imagining.
Across Africa
     lush lands are becoming barren;
     water is becoming scarce;
     soil is eroding;
     livestock are dying;
     and people are in growing need of food assistance.

Devastated, like the land, we join our prayers with
     the millions of people in southern African countries, including Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Swaziland, who will require food assistance this year
     and the millions of people in Ethiopia who will require food aid.

We give thanks to partners on the ground who are often the first responders and who themselves can be among the affected.

And we give thanks for the work of the United Nations World Food Programme, ACT Alliance, and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, whose work provides sustenance to the countries in Africa facing extreme drought.

Creator, help us to remember that our actions, no matter the size,
can yield either abundance or scarcity. 
May our prayers and deeds bring about abundant life.