Holy One,
John Wesley prayed,
“I freely and heartily yield all things
to thy pleasure and disposal.”

We offer our prayers to you,
for your people,
The United Methodist Church,
our siblings in Christ,
in many places throughout your world.
The debates and discussions
about the place of LGBTQIA+ and Two-Spirit Christians
in the Methodist faith
have been agonizing and painful for many.

The General Conference has before it
a proposal to separate the denomination,
that each part might live its ministry
in the way it believes is most faithful
to your call.

We pray for the leaders, Bishops, and negotiators
who have done this work,
we pray for the delegates
to the upcoming General Conference,
we pray for the congregations,
the ministries, and the people—
LGBTQIA+, Two-Spirit, and cis/straight—
that they may discern well,
and live your call to
“love one another as I have loved you”
in word and in action.

May their hearts beat with your heart,
their will be in line with your will,
and—together or not—
may they always be united in your love.

We ask this in the name of our brother,
our teacher, our healer, our friend—
Jesus Christ.


—A prayer for the United Methodist Church by the Right Rev. Richard Bott. Moderator Bott encourages the sharing of prayers he posts throughout his term.

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