Each part of creation reveals unique aspects of God the Creator,
     who is both in creation and beyond it.
All parts of creation, animate and inanimate, are related.…

In and with God,
     we can direct our lives toward right relationship
     with each other and with God.
We can discover our place as one strand in the web of life.
We can grow in wisdom and compassion.
We can recognize all people as kin.
We can accept our mortality and finitude, not as a curse,
     but as a challenge to make our lives and choices matter….

The church has not always lived up to its vision.
It requires the Spirit to orient it,
     helping it to live an emerging faith while honouring tradition,
     challenging it to live by grace rather than entitlement,
for we are called to be a blessing to the earth….

Divine creation does not cease
     until all things have found wholeness, union, and integration
     with the common ground of all being.
As children of the Timeless One,
     our time-bound lives will find completion 
     in the all-embracing Creator.
In the meantime, we embrace the present,
     embodying hope, loving our enemies,
     caring for the earth,
choosing life.

—Excerpts from A Song of Faith that are included in the Earth Hour Vigil
prepared by members of the Roman Catholic–United Church Dialogue in Canada