Youth for Peace Pilgrimage to Palestine and Israel: Pilgrim Leader

Youth for Peace Pilgrimage to Palestine and Israel: Pilgrim Leader

Opening/Closing Date: 
February 8, 2019 to February 25, 2019
Anticipated Start Date: 
March 15, 2019

Pilgrim in Mission | August 12–23, 2019 | Expenses paid plus honorarium| Pilgrim Leader

Photo of Palestinian homes at night
Kaitlin Bardswich

People in Partnership seeks two people to lead the Youth for Peace Pilgrimage to Palestine and Israel. These two people will lead a group of 12 young adults (ages 18–35) in the preparation, orientation, in-country, and debriefing aspects. Mission & Service partner Wi’am: The Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center will be the receiving partner and take on the in-country arrangement of a program for the group. Pilgrim Leaders will accompany the group in country and engage in joint leadership in collaboration with People in Partnership in the program planning, orientation, and debriefing.

The United Church of Canada will cover all travel and related expenses, including accommodation, meals, insurance, and pulpit supply if necessary for orientation and the pilgrimage itself. People in Partnership will also offer an honorarium of $1,500.

This is a Pilgrims in Mission opportunity offered through the United Church’s People in Partnership program.

Come and See experiences have been developed in response to a call from Mission & Service partners in Palestine and Israel for engagement of United Church of Canada members and other Christian denominations to Come and See first-hand the impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian life and consider what is needed for a just peace. This 2019 program is particularly timely as 2019 is the 10th anniversary of Kairos Palestine’s “A Moment of Truth” document and the 10th anniversary of the first United Church of Canada Youth for Peace Pilgrimage to Palestine Israel.

This 10-day program will invite up to 12 young adults to travel with two leaders to Palestine and Israel with the following goals and objectives:


To enable pilgrims

  • to connect their faith with the places that were the setting for the life of Jesus and early Christians
  • to learn about, observe, and reflect on key issues in Palestine and Israel, including the impact of occupation on children; the efforts and aspirations of youth and young adults; causes, impacts, and alleviation of conflict; the occupation, including Christian Zionism; and justice-seeking and advocacy efforts by Mission & Service partners and others around the world
  • to experience a context in which Christians, Jews, and Muslims live, and the importance of the Holy Land to each of these faith groups
  • to meet with United Church partners in Palestine and Israel, including youth and young adults whose work is supported by United Church Mission & Service
  • to learn more about the obstacles to and possibilities for peace in Palestine and Israel, and how pilgrims can engage in education and advocacy efforts for just peace upon return

Expected Outcomes of Visit

  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of The United Church of Canada Mission & Service‒supported mission and ministries in Palestine and Israel and the context in which they are engaged.
  • Participants will develop an intentional intercultural Christian pilgrim community and meet inspiring leaders and communities that nurture and support their growing leadership for church and the world.
  • Participants will contribute to a strengthened relationship with Mission & Service partners in Palestine and Israel with a particular connection with young adults.
  • Participants will return and share with others the obstacles and possibilities for peace in Palestine and Israel and contribute courageously to growing efforts for a just peace among United Church communities and beyond, including the No Way to Treat a Child campaign.


To be developed by local host to include exposure visits, opportunity to worship with local churches, and visits to Holy Land sites based on stated goals and for mutual benefit with Wi’am’s mission. More details to come.


March–November 2019


Orientation: April: conference call
May/June weekend: in person, date to be determined in consultation with Pilgrim Leaders once selected

Pilgrimage: August 12‒23, 2019

Debriefs: September (virtual) and November (virtual)

Leader Profile

  • experienced pilgrim leader (short-term immersion experiences) and facilitator, preferably with youth and young adults
  • knowledge and in-depth experience of the justice and global ministries of The United Church of Canada
  • high comfort level in working with youth/young adults
  • good knowledge and experience of popular education
  • working knowledge and experience (ideally) of the region
  • ability to lead theological reflection developing themes of pilgrimage and discipleship
  • capacity to respond effectively to challenges and crises
  • willingness to work with a partner organization
  • skilled in intercultural facilitation and capacity to draw attention to intersectionality and parallels in Canadian society
  • available and committed to entire orientation, in-country, and debriefing and follow-up
To Apply

Please complete the expression of interest form online.

Applications will be received until February 25, 2019. They will be reviewed and a select number followed up with reference checks and an interview during the first week of March.

If you are hoping to lead this with another applicant, please name them in the application and indicate why you think you would make a good team.

The United Church is committed to equity, diversity, justice, and creating a positive and supportive environment for people of all identities and backgrounds. ALL qualified people are encouraged to apply!

Please contact lneale [at] (Lori Neale, Program Coordinator), if you have questions or wish to discuss this opportunity.

Contact Information

For more background information please contact pip [at] or go to: 

Wi’am: Minute for Mission video
Wi’am website