Young Adult Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, South Korea

Young Adult Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, South Korea

Opening/Closing Date: 
January 31, 2019 to March 25, 2019
Anticipated Start Date: 
August 6, 2019

Pilgrim In Mission | August 6 – 12, 2019 | $300 | Young Adults (ages 20-35)

The United Church of Canada is seeking three young adults (ages 20-35) representing the broad diversity of the church to participate in the Walking with Peace, Reclaiming Hope! Youth Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace in South Korea organized by the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) and the Ecumenical Youth Council in Korea (EYCK). The National Council of Churches in Korea is a Mission & Service partner.  

This is a Pilgrims in Mission opportunity offered through the United Church’s People in Partnership program.

The 10th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Busan declared the "Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace" (PJP) to be the most important follow-up work leading up to the 2021 World Council of Churches General Assembly.  More than 70 years’ of division on the Korean peninsula has created hatred and fear among the young people of South Korea and made them indifferent to the issue of reunification.  It is an urgent priority for the Korean Church to provide various opportunities through which youth and young adults can raise their awareness of peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula.

In this context, the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace will bring together 150 Christian youth from Korea and around the globe for study sessions, worship and key places of pilgrimage in Korea (e.g. Kwangju Mangwol-dong 5.18 Memorial Cemetery, Nogun-ri, Young-dong and Imjingak, Paju and the DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ)).  The program will be offered in English. It is not necessary to know Korean.

Objectives of the Pilgrimage are:

  • To learn about “peace, healing and reconciliation of Korea” and its connectedness to global peace issues
  • To be attentive to the wounds of the victims of the Korean War and the division system
  • To develop a “peace sensitivity” and search for ways to enhance global ecumenical solidarity among  youth and young adults
  • To develop youth and young adult leadership for peace-building in Korea and the world
  • To share ecumenical fellowship among the youth and young adults on the Pilgrimage and learn about peace issues in the different parts of the world from their perspective.

The United Church of Canada, with partners in Korea, is committed to a vision of peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula.


August 6-12, 2019 (not including travel days)  


Republic of South Korea 


Individual contribution of $300.  Balance of costs (flight, insurance, and in-country costs) to be provided by General Council Office. 

People in Partnership believes that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in their programs.  If the cost of an opportunity presents a barrier, please contact us at pip [at]  to find out more about alternate means of resourcing and financial support. Selected applicants are eligible for Continuing Education Bursaries through the Vision fund.

Applicant Profile

  • 3 young adults (ages 20-35)
  • Have a valid passport that does not expire before end of December 2019
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to, and engagement in, The United Church of Canada (locally, regionally and/or nationally), particularly networks concerned with peace issues
  • Willingness to continue to be part of networks of education and faithful advocacy on peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula and to offer leadership to others on this issue
  • Willingness to speak to United Church groups about the experience and its impact on their faith journey
  • Good knowledge and critical analysis of issues related to peace, advocacy and education strategies


  • Written piece (about 400 words) summarizing the experience, with 5 hi-res pictures and/or alternate communications to share the experience as developed with PIP staff
  • Speaking engagements to UCC communities of faith about the experience. People in Partnership will include you on their posted Speakers List.
  • Ongoing engagement in advocacy
To Apply

Apply directly to People in Partnership online by March 25, 2019. The United Church is committed to equity, diversity, justice, and to creating a positive and supportive environment for people of all identities and backgrounds. All qualified people are encouraged to apply!

Contact Information

For more background information please contact pip [at]  or download the detailed trip description below.