Office of Vocation: Candidacy Boards

Office of Vocation: Candidacy Boards

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February 7, 2019 to March 4, 2019

The Office of Vocation is the body in the United Church’s structure that supports the accreditation of ministry personnel.  To carry out its responsibilities, the Office consists of the Board of Vocation and several committees and commissions. There are seven Candidacy Boards, which serve as commissions of the Board.

The Candidacy Boards have the responsibilities outlined in the resources related to the Candidacy Pathway, including naming candidates, terminating candidacy, and determining readiness for accreditation for commissioning to the diaconal ministry of education, service, and pastoral care; ordination to the ministry of Word, sacrament, and pastoral care; and recognition of designated lay ministry.

We are seeking several individuals to serve on the various Candidacy Boards of the Office of Vocation. Each Candidacy Board has noted the particular expertise or identities that would strengthen the current complement of members.

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