Marketing/Animation and Funding Subcommittee, Sing 2025

Marketing/Animation and Funding Subcommittee, Sing 2025

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January 7, 2020 to February 10, 2020

The SING 2025 Development Committee is looking for a person with strong communication and writing skills to serve on the Marketing/Animation and Funding Subcommittee.

The Sing 2025 Project

God has given us a song to sing. Through song, we voice our joy, gratitude, love, lament, and hope. Singing and worshipping together are foundational ways we have lived out our faith for almost 100 years. Our faith communities have changed over the century, and we are called to develop new resources to support this changing landscape, addressing and anticipating the needs of our evolving church for the years to come.

Development Committee

The Sing 2025 Development Committee will develop the new digital hymnal. The committee’s work will include music selection, development, education, animation, and promotion. The group will work in partnership with Hope Publishing Company and GIA Publications ( to collect an estimated 1,300 new and re-engraved hymns. The committee will also work with the Gathering Advisory Board to develop a corresponding online worship and liturgy tool that will cross-reference the hymn resource.

The Development Committee will consist of 12‒15 members that represent the breadth and diversity of the church we hope to become. It will include theologians, liturgists, musicians, educators, historians, archivists, information scientists, communicators, Web developers, visionaries, and worship leaders.

Each member of the Development Committee will work through one of four subcommittees: Material Curation; Education, Justice, and Ethos; Marketing/Animation and Funding; and Web Content Development. Details are outlined in the Development Committee Terms of Reference

Marketing/Animation and Funding Subcommittee

This subcommittee will

  • coordinate a marketing strategy, including creating a “buzz” for the project to help ensure wide pickup
  • organize promotional events, including connecting with major church gatherings from 2020 to 2025
  • submit grant applications and work with Mission & Service and the United Church Foundation to secure funding for the project and the animation strategy


  • Fall 2020: Develop an official name and look for the resource, research funding opportunities, and submit grant applications.
  • Spring 2021: Secure funding and book promotional events for 2021–2022.
  • Summer 2021: Promote the resource at the 44th General Council.
  • Spring 2022: Develop an animation strategy, create a sampler, and help promote Gathering online.
  • 2023: Present and promote the resource to organizations such as the Hymn Society, the Royal Canadian College of Organists, the North American Academy of Liturgy, and other appropriate organizations leading up to the United Church’s centennial.
  • 2024: Promote and launch the resource.
  • 2025: Promote the printed book of the new hymns

Member Skills and Experience

At this time we are looking for one person to serve on the Development Committee, with appointment to the Marketing/Animation and Funding Subcommittee. The member will have skills and experience in developing and implementing promotional events for new products/resources, understand public relations and how to effectively integrate PR strategies into new marketing initiatives, or have experience in writing and a proven track record with receiving funding from granting agencies.

Expectations and Term

The appointment will be until the project is completed (maximum of five years). Meetings will be by videoconference call, with one face-to-face meeting each year. Expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with The United Church of Canada’s travel policy and guidelines. We cannot cover any personal expenses incurred from electronic meetings. The Development Committee will work in a consensus model format.


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