Ecumenical Accompanier, EAPPI, Palestine-Israel

Ecumenical Accompanier, EAPPI, Palestine-Israel

Job Number: 
CMP – 02
Opening/Closing Date: 
March 31, 2019 to July 30, 2020
Anticipated Start Date: 
January 4, 2021

Companion in Mission | 3 months | Paid - Stipend | 

This opportunity is a cross-cultural embodiment of the mission relationship between The United Church of Canada and global partners in the Middle East through the World Council of Churches (WCC). Created in 2002 in response to an appeal from local church leaders, EAPPI is an ecumenical response to create an international presence to contribute toward the realization of a just peace in Palestine and Israel. The candidate will be appointed to a three-month role as an accompanier assigned to a local partner throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Two adults in EAPPI vests accompany two children walking down the sidewalk
Children on their way to Cordoba School, a Palestinian school in the Israeli-controlled area of Hebron.
EAPPI/M. Knoblauch

The EA will serve under the supervision of the Local Program Coordinator of EAPPI. The EA will live and serve in a close, collaborative way with other international EAs. The EAs accompany Palestinians and Israelis who work in nonviolent ways for peace, and people in Palestine and Israel navigating daily routines, often under duress. Primary responsibilities are to offer a protective presence to vulnerable communities, and to monitor and report human rights abuses. The incumbent must have a willingness to learn and accompany the mission and ministry of the WCC in occupied Palestine. Upon return home, the incumbent will share first-hand experience to inform their local community of faith, civil society, and government of the realities of occupation.

The United Church affirms a vision of an intercultural church that is welcoming, relational, adaptive, justice-seeking, intentional, and mission-centred. The church affirms that right relations are at the heart of God’s mission, and that global partnerships are opportunities for expressions of relationships that are respectful, equitable, just, and mutually accountable.  As a denomination, the United Church understands that for transformation, love, and justice to happen we need to understand one another’s contexts more deeply, and how those contexts impact each other for good or harm.


Reasonable accommodation will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Active commitment to, and articulation of, the gospel of Jesus Christ and participation in The United Church of Canada with solid knowledge of the mission and ministry of the United Church, its partnership in mission policy and practice, and support of the ecumenical movement;
  • Good physical condition to deal with the physical demands of monitoring and accompaniment;
  • Good mental health with a solid support structure during and upon return, to process experiences of occupation;
  • Excellent English-language verbal, written, and electronic communication and networking skills. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret large amounts of complex information;
  • Basic verbal Arabic language is a definite asset;
  • Ability to exercise self-awareness, sensitivity, and compassion, often working within areas of cultural difference.  Personal integrity, maturity, and respect for others essential;
  • Lived cross-cultural experience an asset, preferably in church or church-related work;
  • Intellectual discipline and alertness. Good self-esteem; in touch with their own needs, strengths, and limitations;
  • Demonstrated understanding of the impacts of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories;
  • Commitment to advocating for change and promoting a just peace in Palestine and Israel upon return home;
  • Willingness and ability to spend three months or more in Palestine and Israel, and to work under the direction of the partners;
  • Commitment to adhere to the security measures of the EAPPI program; and
  • Ability to live a simple lifestyle

This position serves from a local placement in the West Bank and Jerusalem with limited resources and facilities and high levels of demands. Working hours may be extended depending on the needs of the local community.

This appointment is subject to the following conditions:

  • A positive recommendation from the interview panel, comprised of at least two elected members, for overseas service;
  • A positive recommendation for overseas service from the Church in Mission Unit’s medical consultant based on a thorough medical examination, and approval of application for insurance from the overseas medical insurance carrier;
  • A satisfactory outcome from a Police Records Check through the Canadian Police Information Centre via the RCMP; and
  • Global partner approval.
To Apply

Interested applicants are invited to submit their resume, quoting job number CMP – 02 to People in Partnership:  pip [at]