Parts of Indonesia sustained major damage after a devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami that killed over 2,000 and displaced over 200,000 in October 2018. The scale of the damage has generated great need for humanitarian support.

Thanks to the compassionate and generous support of United Church people, over $23,000 has been contributed toward ACT Alliance’s emergency response to these devastating events. ACT’s work in Indonesia has included mobile medical clinics, damage assessment teams, temporary shelters, and nutrition support. United Church donations continue to support this critical work.

Mr. Mushki, a fisherman from Pantoloan village near Palu, Indonesia, describes hearing a “tsunami explosion” sound and then experiencing a gigantic wave picking up his boat (while he was still in it) and tossing it in the air. He sustained injuries that were treated at an ACT Alliance mobile clinic; unfortunately, his boat and house were completely destroyed. He and his family now live in temporary tent shelters in Palu.

While thankful that he and his family all survived, Mr. Mushki is contemplating what to do next to support his family. “I’ve been a fisherman all my life. I want to get back to fishing, but can’t do that without a boat.”

The need remains urgent as Indonesians like Mr. Mushki face the long journey from emergency response to recovery. Please keep the people of Indonesia in your prayers and continue to support ACT’s response in the region.

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