In one of the programs that has received support from our Extreme Hunger Appeal, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is working in the Baidoa District in southwestern Somalia, with around 1,040 households. Many of these families are newly displaced from rural areas because they have run out of food and lost livestock and crops as a result of the drought. Families (about 6,200 individuals) received vouchers to locally purchase core food supplies including rice, maize, beans, and oil.

One woman, Mida Ali, walked for several days with her three youngest children because she heard there was help in Baidoa. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank initiative was able to help Mida and her children with food assistance. Mida responded, “Alhamdulillah, Subahata wataalan, may Allah bless you bountifully for your kindness, and may you thank Canada for remembering people like us.”

Working with other members of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in an ecumenical response to the extreme hunger in South Sudan, The United Church of Canada also contributed to a food assistance project coordinated by ADRA in Kapoeta North, South Sudan. In 68 villages, 3,376 households (around 13,500 people) received assistance from the project. Despite heavy rain that made access to some villages difficult, the distribution of oil, beans, and sorghum has made a real difference to the lives of these families.

As cholera and other water-borne diseases are a consistent background threat, ADRA was also able to include some sanitation and basic health initiatives in the response.

Ongoing relief efforts remain hampered by the widespread displacement of people, conflict, and extreme weather patterns, including drought in some areas and flooding in others. The need for aid remains urgent. The United Church of Canada continues to invite conributions to the Extreme Hunger Appeal to support ongoing efforts in the region.

Resources for congregations, including a slide for projection and bulletin insert, are available on the Extreme Hunger Appeal page (scroll to the bottom).

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