At the fall 2017 meeting of the Executive of the General Council, two steps were taken to prepare the church for a new financial future if Remit 4: Funding a New Model is passed by the 43rd General Council 2018. The Executive approved clear lines to stipulate how money received by the church is spent.

Mission & Service DonationsMission & Service wordmark

Starting in 2019, Mission & Service donations will solely be used to fund the church’s ministry and mission. That includes

  • regional council support for ministries within the region, including related staff
  • Denominational Council support for ministries in Canada and with our global partners, including related staff
  • Indigenous Ministry support for ministries in Canada, including related staff

Funds from Assessments

Money received through the 4.5 percent assessment will pay for the church’s decision-making structures. That includes

  • regional council support for communities of faith and other United Church ministries, and decision-making, including related staff
  • Denominational Council decision-making and shared services, including related staff
  • Indigenous Ministry decision-making, including related staff

Financial Assets

The Executive also made a statement about financial assets currently held by church corporations, extension councils, presbyteries, and Conferences. If the 43rd General Council passes Remit 1: Three Council Model in 2018, presbyteries and Conferences will cease to exist, and some of the corporations may find themselves with different clientele in the regional councils. Questions have been asked about what will happen with the funds now at work within the church. Will the Denominational Council take control of those funds?

To quell these concerns, Executive members affirmed the statement that “Corporations, including extension councils, presbyteries and Conferences will decide how current resources will be held or directed in concert with the changes implemented January 1, 2019.”

For More Information

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