Right Reverend Jordan Cantwell, Moderator
Right Rev. Jordan Cantwell, 42nd Moderator of The United Church of Canada
Wolf Kutnahorsky

Over the past several weeks, we have watched violence unfold across the USA: from Orlando to Baton Rouge to Falcon Heights to Dallas. We mourn the senseless loss of so many lives and the terrible devastation faced by so many in the wake of these killings.

Moderator Jordan Cantwell has written a letter of support and solidarity to our sister denominations and partners in the United States: The United Church of Christ (USA), Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), The National Council of Churches of Christ (USA), The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Presbyterian Church (USA), The Reformed Church in America, The United Methodist Church (USA), Church World Service, and The Episcopal Church. She writes:

“[W]e stand shoulder to shoulder with you in confronting the ‘logic’ of hatred, violence, and revenge with the power and wisdom of love. As you bear witness to peace, hope, and justice in a context riddled by fear, despair, and inhumanity, know that we’ve got your back.”

The Moderator’s full letter is available in Downloads, below.

Please pray for our sisters and brothers in the USA affected by the recent acts of violence. Join in mourning the lives lost recently to fear and hate. Call on and work for changes to the structures, systems, and attitudes in our societies that continue to oppress some while privileging others.

You may wish to use the Prayer for Times of Violence.